Eric Vittardi

10 Years Serving the Construction Industry


Regional Sales Manager

Professional Bio:

Eric is the regional sales manager for SafetyHQ® and has been working for SafetyHQ’s parent company, Foundation Software, since 2014. In his role, Eric works with the team to continuously develop new aspects of SafetyHQ, provide client demos and build solutions that keep construction professionals safe, and businesses protected.

Prior to his current role, Eric worked as an operations manager for SafetyHQ’s sister product Payroll4Construction. This previous role allowed Eric to specialize in helping clients with complex payroll issues.

Eric also spent some time in business development where he worked with software partners across the construction space to create valuable solutions for customers. This role allowed him to gain crucial insights into the client experience.

Eric has attended 50+ industry-specific trade shows where he’s discussed industry needs with peers and worked alongside an array of construction software partners and trade organizations.

Eric is passionate about helping users find solutions to their construction problems. He uses his prior experience and detailed industry knowledge in his work with clients.

Personal Bio:

Eric enjoys spending time with his family including his wife, Allison and two bulldogs, Archie and Josie. He loves spending time outside enjoying the weather, especially when it’s by a fire. You can catch him enjoying local foods whenever he’s on the road or hitting all the spots in Cleveland — which he says is a top 5 food destinations in the US.


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