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ProjectHQ is the contractor’s project management app that lets you take control of all your project needs.

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ProjectHQ Features

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Change Order Management

With ProjectHQ’s change orders, project managers can enter and approve RFCs directly from the field, then upload into FOUNDATION® to automatically update project budgets.

  • Initiate change requests from anywhere
  • Upload approved change orders directly to your accounting system
  • Update project budgets without entering your accounting
  • Use customized scope items, budget codes or both for detailed change orders
  • Web-based to email change requests on the fly
  • Track correspondence on change requests

AIA Billing

ProjectHQ’s AIA Billing lets you seamlessly create and manage your AIA billing. With automated retainage, templates customizations and more contractors can stay on top of their AIA progress.

  • Manage the percentage of project completion
  • Customize forms to your liking
  • Manage change orders on your billing worksheet
  • Automate retainage with customizable tracking rules and formulas
  • Seamless, two-way sync with FOUNDATION® construction accounting software
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Team reviewing their accounts payable construction reporting on a job site

Document Management

ProjectHQ’s document management lets you edit as you work, with markup capabilities and storage features built right into the app.

  • Keep your team accountable with revision audit trails (layering)

  • Improve communication with email modification and document annotation

  • Make direct edits to PDFs as you go—no need for multiple file types or time-consuming file conversions

  • Access all drawings anytime, on any device

  • And so much more!


We plan better. It allows more of the data to be captured, and it’s easy to go back and research something in the past very quickly.

Kirsten Harwood – Office Manager
Adams Masonry Inc.

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