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Revolutionize Your Company’s Safety Program
Prioritize Safety
SafetyHQ’s Solutions for Your Safety Management Troubles

Keep Your Workers Protected with SafetyHQ

SafetyHQ is an all-in-one construction safety app that provides contractors with the tools needed to keep jobsites safe and their company compliant:

  • Toolbox Talks in English and Spanish keep your crew informed and engaged
  • Jobsite Hazard Assessments and Inspections help you identify and control risks
  • Certification Tracking keeps you compliant and proactive with training management
  • A Safety Datasheet Library of over 2.4 million Safety Datasheets gives you access to millions of product documents
Prioritize Safety

I’m so pleased with the ease of use that SafetyHQ offers and the results we have achieved. Our safety program has improved profoundly.

Jay Radaker – Safety Director
Scalo Group of Companies